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In the spring of 2012, 22-year-old Dan Kleederman took his sister up on an unconventional birthday gift - a phone call with a psychic. 


Though skeptical at first, his mind opened a bit when the conversation turned towards his grandmother. Long understood as the clearest source of his musical gifts, she was was tragically killed in a car accident before he was born. According to the healer, however, she was trying to communicate with him now, encouraging him to follow his passion and inclination towards a life in music.  


Grand Kid is Kleederman’s ode to the old and the young - the magic of intuition and wisdom, and the unadorned vulnerability of youth that never seems to leave.  It’s an eclectic, soulful, alternative rock that manages to find a home as much in Radiohead as it does in Ry Cooder. Through the strength of his voice and the striking voice of his guitar, no matter how far out - or far in - the music goes, it always carries with it an authentic beauty and arresting intimacy. 


Often supported by a high-flying trio, Grand Kid also performs solo accompanied by vintage drum machines, organs, and brass by way of cassette tapes. The first taste of Grand Kid was premiered by PopMatters in March of 2019 with the release of a live trio performance of the song, "They'll Be." Before a full studio album drops in 2020, keep on the lookout for more live Grand Kid to come in the following months. 

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